JUNE 04-05, 2024 CARREAU DU TEMPLE, PARIS - France The premier trade show for sustainable packaging

My commitment to the environment

Everyone taking part in EDITION SPECIALE by LUXE PACK should present a project on this year’s theme “Sustainable packaging, ethical consumption”

Taking part in EDITION SPECIALE by LUXE PACK means:

  • Multimedia visibility 5 months before the event (digital platform, newsletters, social media)
  • Presenting an astute selection of products with an environmental edge
  • Networking with brand representatives and experts in order to understand their challenges and strategic positioning in terms of the environment.

A precise description must be provided of the presented product, demonstrating its eco-design and positive impact.

To determine the degree of the product’s sustainability and assess its “level” of eco-design, the product will be assessed by the following criteria:

  1. Design
  2. Raw materials used
  3. Production process
  4. End of life