June 01-02, 2021 Carreau du Temple - Paris - France The capital event for luxury packaging

Press Release

2020, April
The ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by LUXE PACK exhibition rescheduled for November 30th and December 1st, 2020
The second edition of the ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by LUXE PACK exhibition, dedicated this year to sustainable packaging solutions, initially scheduled on May 26-27, will now be held on November 30th and December 1st, 2020, at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. [read more]

2020, January
EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack: keeps its sustainable packaging theme for a more responsible consumption
After the success of the first edition in June 2019, the capital event for the luxury packaging, is renewing the theme “sustainable packaging and responsible consumption”.
After consulting with many luxury brands and packaging manufacturers; it appears that the challenge of sustainable development is the key factor for success in packaging innovations. [read more]

2019, July
EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack: towards sustainable success
The first event in France for environmentally friendly luxury packaging, EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack closed its doors on the evening of Wednesday 5th June after an extremely positive event: 1,658 visitors. [read more]

2019, April
ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack: Together towards sustainable development

It’s no coincidence that the first trade fair to showcase packaging going above and beyond for the environment will take place during European Sustainable Development Week. With less than three months to go, the show’s organizers unpack the contents of an event whose theme is not only topical but also speaks directly to consumers’ needs and priorities. [read more]

2018, October
ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack arrives in Paris
At a time of major societal and environmental changes, the players in the luxury industry are now reflecting on how to best respond to expectations while reconciling the most important aspects of their industry. ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack is a new event dedicated to packaging, which provides important editorial content and the best adapted solutions from producers in order to overcome the current challenges in the profession. [read more]

2018, December
EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack: Packaging innovations for ecology in the headlines for the 2019 edition
After having announced the launch of EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack next June, the organisers revealed the guiding theme for 2019. The theme “Packaging innovations for ecology” was the winner following consultation with a panel of multi-sector luxury goods brands. [read more]