JUNE 04-05, 2024 CARREAU DU TEMPLE, PARIS - France The premier trade show for sustainable packaging

Our CSR commitments

Since its launch in 2019, Edition Spéciale by LUXE PACK is committed to a sustainable development approach through several actions:


  • Green energy contract with ENGIE
    1,200 kW coming from farms in the Paris area.
  • Lighting change
    100% LED hall since 2016.
  • HF microphone with rechargeable battery
    Saves 800 batteries per year.
  • Installation of a low energy consuming cooling system Freecooling / nightcooling (natural ventilation).
  • Installation of roof hives on the building in 2019.
  • Water-saving cleaning equipment for the Hall.
  • Preheating of water on the roof
    The sanitary water is preheated by the sun by circulating under the zinc in the roofing.
  • Adding environmental clauses to public markets
    (cleaning, equipment, etc.) – Recycling of walkietalkie batteries, no aerosols in cleaning products,
    Ecolabel, referencing of caterers on eco-responsible criteria…


  • Stands and furniture stored in Paris area and reused.
  • 100% recycled carpeting.
  • Removal of plastic badge holders.
  • Selective waste collection.


  • Drastic limitation of printing and communication supports as well as paper magazines distributed.
  • Absence of promotional advertising objects.
  • Priority given to digital communication.
  • Setting up our LUXE PACK KEEPTRACK app: exhibitors and visitors exchange information digitally without using printed brochures or leaflets.


  • Local, fresh and seasonal product.
  • Reusable containers.
  • #zeroplastic Kraft cups for hot drinks.
  • Fair trade coffee.
  • Supply of seasonal product in short circuit, from farm to plate.
  • Anti-waste action: sorting, organic waste, compost.