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Did you know that as well as the extensive range of labelling and decorative ribbons and embellishments that Sin Rejac offer, we also manufacture ribbons that have been woven entirely from yarn that is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Coverage continues to increase of the negative impacts that non-biodegradable plastics are having on our lands, waterways and oceans.

These plastics are entering landfill and in turn our oceans and rivers, and are causing unprecedented and catastrophic damage to our environment and wildlife.

It is projected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.



There are collection points around China where used plastic bottles can be taken. The bottles are collected through a network of local collection points.  This has 3 benefits – creating income, preventing the bottles going to landfill, less oil consumption.



The bottles that we use in our recycled ribbon process are typically plastic water bottles. They are cleaned and melted together to create a yarn which is transported  to our ribbon weaving factory and woven into the required quality of finished ribbon.



The yarn factory has achieved GRS certification (Global Recycling Standard).

Part of the certification to the GRS standard  is an extensive audit process to high ethical and environmental standards which covers many key areas including: wages, employment treatment, conditions and environment.

Our ribbon weaving and dyeing factory is on course to have the same GRS certification very soon.

Sin Rejac have been manufacturing and supplying 100% recycled polyester ribbons into the garment label industry for nearly 10 years, with full traceability and chain of custody for the validity of the recycled materials that we use.

Recycled yarns can be woven into most standard ribbon qualities, dyed as any other textile would be, and printed if required. Their appearance is virtually the same as non-recycled ribbon so the message can be promoted positively through your client base.

Currently there is an MOQ of around 40,000m of ribbon for the recycled items.



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