June 01-02, 2021 Carreau du Temple - Paris - France The capital event for luxury packaging

Sustainable packaging, ethical conception: theme of the second edition

The challenge of sustainable development is the most predominant key factor for success in packaging innovations. Convinced by the richness this theme has to offer, EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack 2020 is organized on the same topic, to present more eco-responsible innovations and bring new debates to go further together in eco-design.

  • Manufacturers, brands, experts… Every technique and expertise developed with the environment in mind and in line with the values of technical excellence and ethical standards will be showcased.
  • Continuous interactive events for the professional community with specific and expert content shown on multimedia before and during the event (testimonials, best practices, market information, etc.)
  • The entire professional community will be regularly animated with the diffusion of specific and expert content (testimonials, best practices, market information, etc.)

For 2020, there is no longer a question of how to move forward : solutions for sustainable development is the most dominant factor for packaging innovation success