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3 Questions to Elke Andersch, Marketing Manager Packaging & Print at KURZ


Introduce your company in a few words… 

Elke Andersch - KURZ

Elke Andersch Marketing Manager

The KURZ Group is a global leader in thin film technology. KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional layers applied to carrier foil for a wide range of industries. KURZ offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for surface decoration, labeling, and counterfeit protection, rounded off by an extensive range of stamping machines and tools. The company is also continuously investing in new technologies and developing innovative solutions for integrating functionality into surfaces.

With sustainability being one of the major topics, KURZ supports its customers from the printing sector along the entire value chain: 1. production 2. processing 3. end product and 4. its recycling.



What will be your 2022 must-have innovation on your stand? 

Cold transfer slim (patent pending) for sheet and web fed-printing: Premium Cold Transfer on 6 µm with First-Class Sustainability Benefits

With our cold transfer slim (patent pending) solutions, we are raising our sustainability bar even further: To match our wafer-thin metallization layers, we have now also significantly slimmed down the transfer carrier for our cold transfer decoration. In this way, we are reducing the PET share of our decoration product by a whopping 50%! In turn, this means more running meters on one roll, fewer reel changes, and therefore less downtime and faster set-up times. Worth mentioning: The PET is only a carrier material and is not applied to your print sheets/labels. What remains on your packaging/label is a brilliant gloss, even on complex surfaces.


How this solution will meet the needs of brands? 

With our cold transfer slim (patent pending) solutions brands benefit from a premium performance in line with the highly relevant topic of sustainability, which they can thus also incorporate into their communication strategy without sacrifycing excellence in finishing.

They also benefit from a more efficient process and a resulting conservation of resources. For example, due to the thinner carrier the adhesive consumption can be reduced.

If you look at the effect on their branded products, there are many advantages to be gained here as well: Higher opacity, more gloss, better adhesion to difficult substrates and therefore a higher durability and attractiveness of the design on the surface almost independent from the paper/cardboard/label material used.

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