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PUSTERLA : The security seal that protects the product, the planet and helps save


To protect our customers’ products, reducing the environmental impact, we are now able to offer Tamper Evident Folding Box® a simple, effective and innovative security seal, in response to the most stringent regulations governing tamper evident systems.

A patent that fits into the production process in a lean and efficient way in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility and produced for the cosmetic market by Pusterla 1880.

How does it protect the environment?
tamper evident by Pusterla 1880

• There is no longer any need to cover secondary packaging with plastic films to protect it from tampering or theft;
• The elimination of plastic films allows you to enhance all the aesthetic choices made on the box, avoiding its flattening;
• The lack of adhesive safety labels facilitates the recyclability of the packaging;
• Carton folding box for easy recyclability of each component: no plastic adhesive or use of hot glue in packaging processes;
• The carefully selected cartons used by Pusterla have a polluting impact reduced by 53% in terms of CO2 emissions;
• No additional energy needed for the production and application of plastic film;
• Pusterla operates according to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System: The environmental impact is constantly measured and improved… [read more]

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