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iD Scent reveals latest perfume sampling solutions


Just one year after iD Scent launched monomaterial sample Scentouch, the French sampling specialist is introducing two innovations: Scentpad and Scentdow, also pure paper products.

Described as a “high-performance communication tool”, iD Scent’s Scentpad was inspired by make-up application gestures, and more specifically cushion compacts. The fragrance sampling solution is comprised of a card applicator, or “pad”, that is inserted into a four-page paper booklet. The booklet was designed to optimize the space allotted to the brand’s messaging. A QR code, printed on the card behind the pad, and is therefore visible only upon its

removal. The pad, which can be removed and put back in the booklet after use, allows for around 100 fragrance applications. The alcohol-free fragrance solution lasts for several minutes on the skin.

Decoration options for the booklet include hot-stamping, die-cutting and embossing. Made entirely of FSC-certified paper, the sample is recyclable. Scentpad is also designed to be free of secondary packaging.

Scentdow, best described as a sample card (pictured above), is also conceived as a “standalone” product requiring no secondary pack. Entirely in paper, Scentdow is a card with a pre-cut window, which the user removes to access the fragrance impregnated on the paper underneath. Both the front and back of the card can be perfumed or alternately several spots on one side, allowing brands to sample two fragrances in a single sample. Scentdow is not limited in its format, giving free rein to brands for their communication.

For the launch of Scentpad and Scentdow, iD Scent called on perfumers from composition house Takasago to create a custom floral fragrance.

Source: https://www.luxepackaginginsight.com/article/id-scent-reveals-latest-perfume-sampling-solutions.58829