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Mondi expands its range of climate neutral papers


Choosing PERGRAPHICA® is the first step towards making creative design, publishing and premium design packaging projects sustainable. The entire PERGRAPHICA® range has been CO₂ neutral as standard since April 2021. The full spectrum design paper is made in Austria and fulfils the strict international standards set by FSC™ and EU Ecolabel.


The Austrian paper mill Mondi Neusiedler has been offering CO₂ neutral products for over a decade, including the leading digital colour printing paper Color Copy original and selected products from the recycled paper brand NAUTILUS®. In April 2021, the mill extended its offering of CO₂ neutral paper to almost all premium paper brands. This includes PERGRAPHICA®, Mondi’s premium paper brand for creative design, publishing and luxury packaging applications, combining premium printing and finishing quality with sustainability in one portfolio.


According to Mondi’s partner ClimatePartner, companies, processes and products are climate neutral if their carbon emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognized carbon offset projects. One of those projects that Mondi support is the Pesqueiro hydro power plant on the Jaguariaríva River in south Brazil.


Grass is now also used in the paper industry – the combination of grass fibres with fresh fibres from sustainable sources gives the paper a unique haptic and natural look.

Did you know that there are around 14,000 different types of grass existing around the world? This enormous range of grass varieties accounts for around one-fifth of the total vegetation on our planet. Grass is one of the fastest growing and ecologically ‘successful’ plants, found in the tropics, the Alps, in water, or even in the desert.

Mondi’s IQ GRASS+ PACKAGING paper is produced from 70% FSC™ certified pulp + 30% grass fibres, especially developed for shopping bags and liners for corrugated and solid board.