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Aerosols: Tubex is pushing back the limits of sustainability


After winning the sustainable innovation prize at the ADF Awards last year with its featherweight aerosol can for Dove Men & Care, the German aluminium can leader is launching a new monoblock aerosol can which can incorporate up to 60% PCR .


When it comes to sustainability, Tubex is definitely on all fronts. While L’Occitane recently announced that it would be using the Blue Tube Evo solution designed by the German company’s Tubes branch for all of its ranges – aluminium tubes made from 95% post-consumer waste (PCR) and 5% post-industrial waste (PIR) – at the end of the year, Tubex’s Aerosols branch is launching what could be the most sustainable monoblock aluminium aerosol can in the world.


In any case, this is the name suggested for this innovation which will be presented at ES by Luxe Pack. Manufactured from the same patented alloy that enabled Tubex to win the Sustainable Development award at the last ADF Awards (Neucan 3.1), the new range of aerosol cans can not only incorporate up to 60% real PCR but its packaging – internal and external – is also eco-optimised.


Sustainable optimisation


The interiors of the aerosol cans are coated not with a standard lacquer but with a BPA-NI-certified and VOC-free powder-based coating. Only natural inks (free from mineral oils, palm oil, soya or coconut) and aqueous all-over varnish are used to decorate the outside for an 80% reduction in solvents.


Karin Swain, Executive Assistant at Tubex, stressed: ‘There won’t be any PIR in this new range of aerosol cans, only certified PCR, exclusively from a channel that we have specially developed to guarantee a supply from household selective sorting bins. The idea was to not remove raw material from already established closed-loop recycling channels to avoid creating a shortage. ’.


Custom PCR


The new aerosol cans containing less material thanks to thinner walls and base (up to 20% reduction depending on can geometry) can include a percentage of recycled material on bespoke as needed and according to the customer’s strategy. ‘Whatever the PCR / virgin aluminium ratio the brand chooses, the mechanical and aesthetic qualities of the aerosol can will remain perfectly unaltered’, explained Karin Swain. It is precisely with this objective in mind that we developed the Neucan 3.1. ’.


Note that these eco-augmented aerosol cans are already branded: ‘They are currently on sale but we are not authorised to disclose the name of the brand that chose them yet.’