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A new factory at the forefront of sustainability for Swedbrand


With its new ‘green’ factory dedicated to the production of high-end rigid boxes in Gdansk opening at the beginning of the year, the Swedish company has achieved two goals.


The project had been in the works for two years and the Swedbrand group finally opened its new factory in Gdansk, Poland, in April. At a time when the health crisis significantly affected Asian logistics chains, causing soaring shipping costs (and delays), this project seemed almost a premonitory coincidence, and the opening caught the interest of brands, aware of the guarantees offered by an intra-European supply. It is a state-of-the-art site, designed to drastically reduce its environmental impact.


Green factory


Swedbrand therefore reached two objectives at once with its sustainable factory specialising in the manufacture of high-end personalised rigid boxes. Almost fully automated, the site, exclusively heated by natural gas and designed to optimise natural lighting, will be mainly supplied with paper and cardboard from recycling and/or eco-managed forests from, of course, European sites.


“The machine equipment of our polish factory doesn’t need any water to work and, instead of animal glues, we will only use dextrin glue”, stresses Chris Magnusson, co-founder of Swedbrand. “This adhesive is environmentally friendly for two reasons: not only is its footprint smaller compared to the footprint generated by livestock farming, but it also consumes less energy since its application requires temperatures of 30 to 38 °C against 70 °C for animal glues.


A rigid corrugated cardboard box


Swedbrand will not come to ES by Luxe Pack empty-handed: “We are planning to showcase a new type of rigid box”, continues Chris Magnusson, “the Fluted Rigid Box which is, to my knowledge, a world first.” Instead of a standard binder board box, this case, which has all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of a premium rigid box, is made from a combination of grey board (outer layer) and corrugated cardboard (inner layer).


Suitable for automatic line machining, this hybrid structure should significantly reduce both raw material consumption and production costs without any difference in the perceived quality: “Corrugated cardboard is 2.5 times lighter than conventional cardboard and unlike grey board, it can be easily compressed”, says Chris Magnusson, “with the advantages that this implies, not just for transport (reduction of the CO2 footprint) but also for its end-of-life processing.”