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Merkury Ateliers : the luxury of the art of manual fashioning for promotional packaging


Specialist in the promotional market for the luxury sector, the Polish company Merkury Ateliers has earned its reputation in the art of folding, cutting, and transforming paper. Today, it has extended its range of materials to wood and fabric. It makes bags, presentation packs, boxes, etc.

The identity of the Polish company Merkury Ateliers, incorporated in 1996, is based on the art of French fashioning . It has gradually broadened its expertise and, since 2003, it has applied it to the luxury promotional packaging sector (bags, mounted presentation packs, boxes, cases, etc.).

‘We have developed real engineering around paper and folding, cutting, and gluing techniques, and we can enhance packaging with embossing and gilding’ reported Wladimir BOZYK, CEO of Merkury Ateliers. ‘We have achieved a very high level of quality in this field thanks to semi-automatic machines that we have adapted to reproduce old techniques and thus perpetuate old trades to prevent them from disappearing’.

‘Our expertise not only allows us to assess the exact quantity of paper required to design a case, a box, or a presentation pack, which is an art in itself, we also reuse the offcuts for wedges, among other things’ assured the CEO.

As a ‘provider of solutions’ thanks to its good knowledge of the materials it works with and its capacity for innovation, Merkury Ateliers has developed a new patented Profi-Tex-Style packaging system which combines paper/cardboard and textile. This reusable packaging, the shape of which is somewhere between a presentation pack and a bag, is of interest to the perfume and spirits market. ‘We are currently developing a veneered cardboard presentation pack, and we are working on solutions combining fabric, wood, and cardboard’.