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Committed to sustainable development for a decade, ELIDOSE offers a certified and assessed environmentally-responsible solution

INSIGHT / EXHIBITORS - INSIGHT / Exposants - 2021/03/22

More than ten years that ELIDOSE has been involved in sustainable development for a decade. The packaging laboratory set up its first pilot projects to adopt good environmental practices with a view to obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 2010. Certified in 2012, its corporate social responsibility approach is illustrated in various other certifications.

ELIDOSE’s environmental management governance continues its initiative based on a continuous improvement process involving various internal steering committees.


On AMCOR’s offer, ELIDOSE has supplemented its flexible packaging offer with a new aluminium-free complex; this solution was presented to and adopted by SEPHORA and Helena RUBINSTEIN last year. Use of this product has significantly reduced the environmental impact compared to commonly used material.

ELIDOSE assesses other material to guarantee its customers that the material it purchases can be recycled. ‘Our customers are also committed to consumers who are increasingly turning to environmentally-friendly products’, stressed Marion ODRY, CSR Manager of ELIDOSE.

Shortly available, they will guarantee that all multilayer PE or PP mono-material the company uses can be recycled. This development is being carried out in cooperation with the entire flexible packaging ecosystem and in partnership with the European organisation CEFLEX of which Citeo is a member.

‘Because we support responsible and transparent marketing, we want to convince our customers to test these new materials. Adjustments need to be made to implementation processes for an impeccable appearance and feel. However, performance in terms of protection of the packaged product meets brand expectations. It is this approach that we will be showcasing at the Edition Spéciale 2021 by Luxe Pack.’