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Three questions to… Laurent Nogues, Master of Art at Creanog


Three questions to… Laurent Nogues, Master of Art at the head of Creanog


This year, you are being unfaithful to paper by presenting new embossing and hot stamping techniques on wood. Tell us more about this …

We have adapted our expertise in paper to wood, and I think I can say that we have achieved unprecedented quality and precision in wood decoration. Regarding the models that will be presented at ES by Luxe Pack, we have opted for walnut: sheets of real wood, laminated onto MDF structures. The levels of relief of the embossing and the detail of the markings are such that they pave the way for all kinds of creative daring.

What are your target markets?

Unsurprisingly, and primarily, the wine and spirits market: from the outset, these cases have been positioned as top and very top of the range with clear brand aesthetic. We have already received excellent feedback from several major brands, particularly in the cognac segment. Brands also appreciate the environmentally-friendly aspect of these cases: apart from the hinges, we use mono-materials with reusable box objects.

We imagine that you are not giving up your core material, paper, though: what are you working on right now?

We are developing products from papers with high deformation capacity. The aim is to reason in terms of paper objects. Conventional embossing techniques – a sustainable process par excellence – can easily be adapted to the manufacture of this type of object.

Are you working on any other projects?

In partnership with glassmaker and Master of Art Emmanuel Barrois we have developed a technique for encapsulating paper in glass, and, with Emmanuelle Dupont, embroiderer, we are developing techniques combining embroidery and embossing.