AUG. 31 - SEPT. 01, 2021 Carreau du Temple - Paris - France The capital event for luxury packaging

Premi: the balanced combination of sustainability and design


To reduce their environmental footprint of its primary packaging, Premi Beauty Industries company is relying, among other things, on refillable solutions, such as its brand new Airglass Slim Refill bottle. The goal is to meet the expectations of a demanding marker in the face of environmental issues, without ever give up on design.

Italian company, Premi Beauty Industries, specialising in primary packaging, is a partner of choice on the perfume, cosmetics, and room fragrances markets. For its participation in Edition Speciale by Luxepack 2021, it will be showcasing a wide range of jars and bottles made from some of the most eco-friendly materials:

  • glass, of course, which remains the material of choice for cosmetics because it is 100% inert, hygienic, and recyclable.
  • PCR-PET, a plastic obtained from recycled plastic after use.
  • biobased polyethylene (PE), a bioplastic derived from sugar cane, a renewable resource which has the same mechanical characteristics as standard plastic.



Premi will also showcase its new refillable packaging concept, Airglass Slim Refill, available in 15, 30, and 50 ml. Designed to improve customer experience and retention, this refill system is designed to be able to easily separate each component that can be recycled. Airglass Slim Refill combines the elegance of a glass bottle, the ecological advantage of a refillable solution, and the advantages of innovative Airless technology.




Federico Prestini


Federico Prestini, Managing Director of Premi Beauty Industries, assures: ‘Brands have understood that, in 2021, consumers want to take care of their beauty as much as of the planet. Choosing eco-friendly packaging doesn’t mean you have to relinquish quality and design! With the support of Premi Studio experts, we develop packaging made from eco-friendly materials with the aim of having the lowest possible impact on the environment while always paying attention to every detail. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three themes that guide our work: it is up to us to implement them in a win-win approach for all.