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Aluminium bottles meet circular economy criteria: reusable, recyclable, and low-carbon


Hugo Beristain

Regarding sustainable development and circular economy, aluminium refills have two advantages: they meet the definition of reusable packaging enshrined in the French law of 10 February 2020 and they are made out of a recycled and recyclable material, which reduces environmental impacts. ‘Aluminium is a material that can be recycled endlessly and requires very little energy to be recycled’, said Hugo Beristain, Sales Director for Envases France.



The company offers two types of recycled bottles, one made from PIR (Post-Industrial Recycled) aluminium and the other from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) aluminium. ‘Besides being unbreakable, aluminium is also an ultralight material, which is winning feature for internet sales.’

Specialised in complex shapes and high added value finishes, Envases Group offers its own embossing (3D embossing) and deformation technologies identified with the decoration, patented worldwide, allowing brands to create exclusive designs on their bottles for a unique identity and premium marketing value. Recovery is therefore reinforced by Envases’s various customisation solutions which are all compatible with different openings, accept most product dispensing systems, and make it possible to respond to numerous refill projects.

‘Refills will become increasingly personalised; we are also finalising new printing technologies, which should shortly allow us to offer new, high-quality visuals’.

Envases continues its investments to significantly reduce its GHG emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. This earned it a Silver medal from Ecovadis and now allows it to aim for Gold.