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‘The most common materials are also the easiest to recycle’


How to produce more environmentaly friendly packagings ? Responses from Rocco Colucci,  Sales and Sustainable development director for BRANDART Packaging and Display.

How are you incorporating sustainability into your products?

We are currently redesigning all of our packaging solutions. This was a fundamental starting point for us, and the aim was to make the production process more efficient, reducing material waste as much as possible. As part of this new design approach, we also try to reduce product complexity by favouring the use of a single material and avoiding the use of virgin raw materials whenever possible. The main objective of this approach is to create packaging made from recycled material which is itself easy to recycle, or even reusable ,at the end of its life in order to develop a true circular economy.

What place does more ‘innovative’ materials have in your offer?

We have chosen to only use the most ‘common’ materials because the recycling channels for them are effective! We also can work with more original materials, such as cork or bamboo. However, for very high volumes, it is really important to choose the most commonly used and recycled materials worldwide.

What new products will you be presenting at your booth in June?

We have created an interesting new cardboard box for the retail sector which is foldable and closes without a magnet. We will also be presenting hangers made from paper fibre, polybags made from 100% recycled plastic, and a range of recycled cotton bags that we are developing for the luxury sector.