AUG. 31 - SEPT. 01, 2021 Carreau du Temple - Paris - France The capital event for luxury packaging

A mixed FSC tissue paper for Papeteries de Montségur


With almost two hundred years of expertise, the French paper manufacturer, Papeteries de Montségur, is developing its responsible production with a mixed FSC tissue paper comprising at least 70% of fibres from FSC-certified forests and no more than 30% of recycled fibres. 

©Marion Kotlarski

A mixed FSC tissue paper

At the Edition Spéciale by Luxepack this year, it will be showcasing its mixed FSC tissue paper, which is made in France. For this paper, the manufacturer has complied with the EU Union REACH directive, which asks EU companies to limit the use of certain chemicals listed and identified as having a harmful impact on our planet. Therefore none of its dyes, inks, or chemicals contain the ingredients listed by REACH.

An environmentally friendly wedging solution requested by distance marketing

Another paper specialty to discover at the show is ‘angel hair’ which is a kind of tissue paper ‘tagliatelle’, 3 to 5 mm wide and 50 cm long. Airy and aesthetic, it is used to wedge products in a totally environmentally friendly, elegant, and very light manner as a 500×750 mm sheet of tissue paper only weighs 0.007g.

Angel hair adapts to all container shapes and is very easy to handle. It is available in all colours presented in the paper manufacturer’s colour chart and is currently in great demand from major distance marketing stakeholders.

Source : IC LE MAG