MAY 31 - JUNE 01, 2022 CARREAU DU TEMPLE, PARIS - France The show dedicated to sustainable packaging

The art of e-commerce packaging


How can e-commerce and the beauty of packaging be reconciled without increasing transport packaging and the carbon footprint? Centurybox Group has three environmentally friendly solutions to this.

Due to the current pandemic, online sales of luxury products (perfumes & cosmetics, leather goods, spirits, etc.) are developing. For these products, the packaging fully contributes to awakening the senses and discovering the beautiful object …

Centurybox Group, for which environmental responsibility is inherent in any innovative approach, has sought to reconcile the constraints of e-commerce (transport, resistance, return, etc.) and the beauty of the packaging without increasing the environmental impact.

As such, Centurybox Group has developed three solutions: the Postpack box, the Merkator box, and the bubble envelope.

  • The Postpack


The Postpack unveils corrugated cardboard packaging dressed in creative papers enhanced by textured embossing, offset or flexo printing, and/or hot varnish, and/or lamination … All these processes enrich the kraft giving the e-commerce packaging a luxury appearance.






  • The Merkator box

The Merkator box has a double flap. While the first secures the shipment and reinforces the box, the second enhances the brand’s communication with a wow effect for the consumer discovering the product. The box can be returned.







  • The bubble envelope

Centurybox Group’s third solution is a bubble envelope enhanced with two new options: either an envelope in which the bubble plastic is 100% recycled or 100% of bio-sourced and compostable (in less than 180 days) origin or a 100% paper envelope where the outside is in brown or white kraft paper and the innovative interior is lined with corrugated paper instead of bubble plastic.