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Lessebo Paper or climate-positive paper

INSIGHT / EXHIBITORS - INSIGHT / Exposants - 2020/03/11

In Sweden, Lessebo Paper has drastically reduced its carbon footprint to about one-tenth of the carbon emissions typically emitted by European paper mills. 

Ebba Ingvarsson, communication manager, LESSEBO

The carbon footprint of most paper mills in Europe is around 500 kg of CO2 per tonne of paper produced, but Lessebo Paper emits 45 kg of CO2 per tonne all productions – pulp and paper – combined. The key to this sustainable success story is that 100% of the energy used is fossil-free. ‘Our electricity comes from CO2 neutral sources (wind, water, solar) and our paper machines exclusively run on biomass (residues from local sawmills).’


Sustainable success story

‘Our resource is our heritage and we respect it: for three trees felled, at least two trees are planted. Today, our forests absorb more CO2 than we emit for a positive climate balance.

Finally, and to preserve water resources, paper machines operate in a closed water circuit.


Multi-certified paper

As such, Lessebo Paper will only be presenting FSC, PEFC, ISO 14001, and Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified paper at its booth. The paper is chlorine-free and TCF or ECF labelled: ‘We have chosen to showcase our Premium Packaging, Design, and Coloured lines due to their distinctive qualities for all high end applications. For example, Lessebo Design, our best-selling premium white uncoated paper and cardboard, is extremely versatile. It is ISO 970-certified and available in 70 to 400 g/m2 weights as well as in five standard shades, two finishes, and it is produced from lignin-free pulp to maintain its white colour over time with no yellowing.’