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Environmentally responsible bottles and pots

INSIGHT / Exposants - The 25/02/2020

Heinz-Glas will present at Edition Spéciale by Luxe Pack three new proposals illustrating its long-standing commitment to reducing environmental impacts.

Léa CATALA, Key Account Manager, Heinz-Glas

Heinz-Glas has developed its MultiGen concept around several solutions including a new environmentally responsible glass, a reusable cosmetic jar and an Augmented Reality offer.

These solutions provide ‘the communication transparency that customers are looking for, reduce environmental impacts, and ensure the traceability of resources they expect’, explained Léa Catala, KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER.


  • With the MultiGen concept, Heinz-Glas has stepped up its fight against greenhouse gases with the production of a new environmentally responsible type of glass. It will be produced in the new electric furnace at its Kleintettau site in Germany which will be commissioned this summer. The furnace will be supplied with PCR cullet, from the collection of household glass after very qualitative selective sorting, and recycled lime and will operate on green energy from Norway.  This is real first for the luxury cosmetics and perfumes industry.

‘Thus, with a low amount of PCR cullet, the production of 50,000 standard 100 ml bottles on this site will lead to a 69% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.’


  • The second proposal is a reusable jar with a refill (well) that can be removed after use. The refill is made of PP, which facilitates its recycling. This reusable jar enriches Heinz-Glas’s patented Turn & Click concept which ensures that screw top containers are completely sealed.
  • Finally, Heinz-Glas offers an Augmented Reality concept taking transparency and reduction of packaging to the next level. Although the QR code is an interesting vector of information, it has the disadvantage of spoiling the aesthetics and design of a bottle. Heinz-Glas has therefore designed a set of discrete points which, scattered throughout the brand logo, reveal an augmented reality communication when scanned by a smartphone.