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Icma Sartorial Paper pushes the envelope of eco-design

INSIGHT / EXHIBITORS - INSIGHT / Exposants - 2020/02/18

Major first in the world of fine papers: In 2020 Icma launches a new FSC Recycled Credit range (100%-recycled post-consumer waste), produced in an integrated cycle. Details below…

 Traditionally, to produce fine paper based on virgin or recycled fibres the work is done in a non-integrated cycle: first the cellulose pulp needs to be produced, a process that uses a lot of water and energy and requires the use of bleaching chemicals. By contrast, in an integrated cycle manufacturing is done directly from waste, but the quality level is obviously not the same. It is a process commonly used to produce industrial cardboard.

Marco Nigrelli, Director of sales / marketing, Icma

Proposing a range of quality papers for packaging, manufactured in an integrated cycle: this is the challenge that the Italian company, Icma Sartorial Paper, set itself. It has been working for several months with papermakers that are implementing this technology. Their raw material is paper and card deriving from the sorting of household waste, and which are therefore fed directly into the pulper, hence generating major water and energy savings. “It is an eco-design process that is unique in the world of fine papers,” states Marco Nigrelli, Director of sales and marketing for Icma.


So the question is, without the intermediate stage of cellulose pulp refining, how do you obtain quality to meet the stringent requirements of the packaging sector? Icma uses special water-based coatings to obtain the tactile aspects and visual effects expected by its customers. The upshot of this is that 90% of product references proposed by Icma with virgin paper will be able to be manufactured with recycled paper deriving from this process, for grammages of between 125 and 300 g, the only exception being metallic effects. The range will go on show for the first time ever at Edition Spéciale by Luxe Pack.