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“Being modern means adapting to new demands without compromising on your craft know-how.”


This statement from the Les Etuis Mirault family business, with its 150-year legacy, typifies the philosophy acknowledged in the company’s certification with the EPV label (EPV – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant / Living Heritage Company). Servicing the luxury industries, Les Etuis Mirault epitomises “Made in France” excellence as illustrated by its sachets, pouches and cases.

It creates – exclusively made-to-measure – machine-stitched packagings using fine, natural materials such as cotton, organic cotton, flax, hemp and woollen felt, and alternatives to animal leather (made from pineapple, apple, grape, maize, nettle, etc.).

For true leather, the tanning is done using plant-based tannins from bark, leaves and roots. Cases are customised using water-based inks.

Keen to pursue sustainable development, Les Etuis Mirault is permanently on the lookout for new materials and has already been using for several years recycled materials such as cotton, polyester and PET-felt. It also participates in the circular economy of textiles and of the other materials that it works with.

Lastly, the source of the materials with which it works is known, and traceability is guaranteed, as is the security of its procurements in general and, in particular, its procurements of recycled materials. Accordingly, most of its partners are situated in France and western Europe. Transparency is its guiding principle, whether with regard to costs, production or CSR.

This high-end made-to-measure packaging is testament to tradition, innovation and sustainability.