MAY 31 - JUNE 01, 2022 CARREAU DU TEMPLE, PARIS - France The show dedicated to sustainable packaging

My Prod’s new take on the jewellery box


Made from 94% recycled materials, the Belgian manufacturer’s new jewellery box concedes nothing to luxury codes.

With a few exceptions, the watchmaking-jewellery sector is lagging behind when it comes to sustainable development. Could this be due to a lack of proposals from suppliers? May be. And this is why Loïc Mintens, Sales Director at My Prod, chose to address this market with a jewellery box entirely fashioned – or almost – from recycled material: ‘It’s a box made of injected recycled PP, covered in FSC paper and 100% recycled imitation suede’, he explained. ‘In fact, only the metal hinges escape the rule’.

For a cost similar to a classic box, this jewellery box has all the characteristics of a premium box and offsets carbon as a bonus: ‘Launched last year with Reforest’Action, our CO2 offset programme is now operational: on an annual basis, we offset all the CO2 emissions linked to the transport of our customers’ orders by planting trees’.

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Reuse & single-material creations

 My Prod will also be presenting luxury paper bags and foldable boxes without magnets at Carreau du Temple:

‘The bags, assembled manually with reinforcements, have woven paper handles with textured ribbon or cord finish. They are just as resistant and durable as PP handles. In the case of boxes (cardboard and FSC paper without lamination), a technical mounting system replaces the magnet to ensure complete sealing’.

And to close the loop with a zero waste perspective, My Prod continues to offer reusable packaging-objects, including an advent calendar in the form of a mini-dressing table.