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Upside Creative Solutions: the EcoUp alternative

Upside Creative Solutions: the EcoUp alternative

The 14/05/2019

At Edition Speciale by LUXE PACK, packaging manufacturer and design studio UpsideCS will present its EcoUp box, a demonstration kit in the style of a toolbox to eco-design customised sustainable packaging.

It’s not a kit,” Christophe Meyer would say, co-founder of Upside Creative Solutions alongside Philippe Czajkowski. But it is actually a kit. Or more precisely, it’s a kit-palette designed as both a demonstration kit and a toolbox. The EcoUp box (that’s its name) is a case with a flap (with no magnet), completely eco-designed to present the new eco-imagined (and eco-sourced) solutions by Upside Creative Solutions.

On the menu: a selection of brand new materials divided into five families. “For around five years now, major luxury brands and independent companies have been increasingly asking for alternative packaging solutions,” explains Christophe Meyer. “And over the last two years this trend has accelerated. With the EcoUp box, we wanted to offer these customers a glimpse of what we can use – and customise – to go green with beauty and style.”

Paper and bio-plastic handles

New generation paper and cardboard and bio-plastics used transparently: the common theme of these different solutions presented by EcoUp is their daring innovation. “At Upside Creative Solutions we are utterly convinced that to improve sustainable packaging in terms of both design and sustainability, the choice of materials is inextricably linked to the very architecture of the packaging itself. The packaging is a whole in and of itself. The two parameters must be integrated and work together from the very first design stages.”

Packaging that could be designed (for example) as a case with completely biodegradable thermoformed dividers (made from materials resembling fabric) or store bags made from post-consumer waste paper, with (woven) paper handles and possibly coated with biodegradable film. With this tool, everyone can create their customised packaging combinations…