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MPO: yes to recycling, but in a closed, local circuit!

MPO: yes to recycling, but in a closed, local circuit!

The 14/05/2019

Active in the beauty packaging sector for 10 years, the Mayenne-based group, which historically specialised in vinyl record pressing and packaging for the entertainment market, will present its new eco-designed range at the EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack. A collection that is pursuing a recycling-oriented approach.

 It’s confirmed: MPO has chosen EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack to present its new range of 100% plastic-free packaging. Promotional cases and cardboard gift sets and even advent calendars that are entirely bio-degradable and recyclable and manufactured using FSC-labelled materials. The key feature of this new collection:

All of the card structures will be created using a closed, short circuit recycled product”, stresses François Malissin, sales director of the group. “We re-consume all of our paper and card offcuts and we are in the process of refining the organisation of our recycling chain with Veolia so that we can trace our skips and ensure that our production waste is recycled by the third-party service providers closest to our sites”.

New ecological spacers

Another innovation introduced by the manufacturer: the launch of a new system of ecological spacers in a premium version. “Our objective is to offer our customers a genuinely high-quality alternative to thermoformed spacers. The technique we are using isn’t new (hot pressing of pulp), but by opening up new fields of application with luxury finishes (such as colour-impregnation for example) we create a result with aesthetic added value”.

In addition to the recycled fibre card structure (local) and their spacers (ecological), the new products in the range will be embellished with an external trim made with sugar cane fibre- and/or grass fibre-based paperboard: “Our packaging activity represents more than a quarter of our turnover, equating to about €25 million. Historically we specialised in vinyl record pressing with sites in France and Spain. Now however, we work on the beauty market for the most prestigious French and Spanish brands and our policy has always been to promote local ecosystems as far as possible”.