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Faiveley Plast signs the new caps on Chanel rPET

Faiveley Plast signs the new caps on Chanel rPET

The 14/05/2019

The Beauty division of the French group has developed recycled PET airless sets for the prestigious Maison which are streets ahead of the caps made from virgin PET.

It’s as clear as day: the new rPET – or recycled PET – caps designed for Chanel by Faiveley Plast demonstrate aesthetic and technical standards that are comparable in every way with caps made from conventional PET. Developed for the 15ml format (airless set) and the 50ml format (Biz set), these caps make it possible to save 23.5g of CO2 per unit (for the first category) and 47.5 for the second.

Grand Cru rPET

In total we save 1.99 Kg oil-equivalent C02 per kilo of material produced”, explains Marc Beltrami, sales director of the Beauty division at Faiveley Plast (VPI Pack Luxe). “In fact virgin PET has a consumption of 3.19 Kg oil-equivalent C02 per kilo of material produced, whereas our quality 0 rPET (the most pure grade) only consumes 1.2”.

The French specialist in plastic injection has no intention of stopping there: “We started working on recycled PET ten years ago. At that time nobody could believe it in the luxury goods industry. But today all our customers are asking for it. And we have developed fully operational skills and experience. We would like to apply this expertise to other non-fossil materials both for injection and machining processes”.

Focus on the materials of the future

In addition to the launch of new caps for Chanel, two or three other large projects are already in the pipeline for 2019. Some of these are rPET-based, but not all of them: “ The identification and transformation of bio-sourced and biodegradable materials is a major focus for innovation within our group, across all sectors of activity.”