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Elidose: a tribute to an ever-virtuous supply chain

Elidose: a tribute to an ever-virtuous supply chain

The 14/05/2019

After winning fame with the Eye Tea Bag it designed for Cha Ling, the single-portion sachet specialist is launching a low-aluminium sachet with Amcor. Affixed to a card for Sephora or in a shaped version for Dior, brands are embracing this new design.

From product design to material sourcing and manufacturing processes, Jérémie Crémière confirms that: “Producing more sustainably is an issue we work on every day.” Sales and development manager at Elidose, he highlights these partnerships – LVMH and Amcor – without which products like the new Elidose low-aluminium sachets would never have seen the light of day: “Our suppliers and customers are also our partners,” he explains. “Partners with whom we share common objectives in terms of environmental responsibility. And it’s thanks to this virtuous supply chain that low-aluminium sachets for Dior Forever and Sephora’s Bonne Mine cream are today available for consumers.

More precisely, the laminated aluminium layer 9 microns thick has been replaced by an OPP film with a 1 micron aluminium layer applied by sublimation: “For the Dior sachets, this meant we reduced our carbon impact by 23% and used 60% less water compared with a conventional four layer complex.”

 Careful decisions…

Of course, this choice comes with some constraints: “Aluminium-free materials are considerably more difficult to work with and removing aluminium has an effect on the lifespan of the products. But we’re working to improve these parameters and it’s all about careful decision-making.” An unequivocal and eco-focused decision for Sephora:

For its Bonne Mine cream samples Sephora adopted a coherent approach, attaching the low-aluminium sachets to uncoated paper cards with no optical brightener. It was a compromise on aesthetics as the paper doesn’t have the whiteness or surface tension of virgin fibre. However, Sephora is a very proactive brand in terms of ecology and this decision testifies to its environmental commitment.

Most brands appear interested in ecological options, but not all are taking the leap of faith: “And samples are unfortunately far too often seen as a fifth wheel,” Jérémie Crémière laments. Which hasn’t prevented Elidose from delving further into this field: “Two years ago, we created a CSR department and set up a responsible purchasing programme.” All these initiatives have produced positive results: today Elidose is one of the leaders in the EcoVadis business rankings (the company is ranked Gold) and has one of the highest scores for an SME in the Carbon Disclosure Project (A-).