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CoZie, a leading figure in French slow cosmetics

CoZie, a leading figure in French slow cosmetics

The 14/05/2019

Founded around the core principles of care and cosmetics with a small, mixed range, the young “zero waste” organic brand has revolutionised bulk sales. Flash back and projects.

With its “Made in France” combined with organic ingredients that are Nature & Progrès certified, CoZie is not a green cosmetics brand like the others. It is first and foremost a start-up that is pioneering zero waste. The proof is in its DoZeuse. A global innovation in bulk cosmetics which has been designed around the notion of “ exactly the right amount”: 22ml or 37ml – thanks to CoZie we can now stock up to the nearest ml.

Until now the DoZeuse has been exclusively reserved for use with the company’s own formulas, but will be launched in a new shampoo and shower gel version in England next month. “Currently the machine distributes 4 to 6 products: a body moisturiser, a light face cream, a nourishing face cream, a hand cream, an exfoliator and a make-up remover”, explains Emeric Baracat, co-founder of the brand.

No air, no contact

Launched in 2018 in Paris, the DoZeuse isn’t a bulk dispensing machine like the others either: a  high-tech adaptation of the bulk dispensers used for food, it is fitted with a no air/no contact dispensing system: “There is absolutely no contact between the formulas and the machine: everything operates on the basis of airless bags (which are re-purposed after use as part of the TerraCycle programmes). Additionally, in order to ensure the traceability of products, the DoZeuse is connected to the internet. The weighing process automatically generates a print-out of a ticket with the name of the product, date and batch number”.

 Refill toothpaste

But CoZie isn’t ONLY about its DoZeuse. Launched in 2017, the brand which currently opens between five and six points of sale per month is first and foremost a brand that operates on the basis of a deposit system: “Our glass bottles are available against a deposit and can be re-used over and over again. Our next objective is to reduce transport distances between points of sale and recycling centres. This is why we are planning to open a third centre for collecting, washing and refilling bottles in western France”.

Meanwhile, CoZie – who inspired the term Slow Cosmetics last year – has joined up with the Link platform and will launch two new products this year: a face serum and a … toothpaste. Which means a refill toothpaste. A concept for the less daring amongst us.