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Wrapology bets on monomaterial packaging

Wrapology bets on monomaterial packaging

The 05/04/2019

This June 5th on World Environment Day, Wrapology will launch I Am Sustainable, a new range of completely ecodesigned products.


Say it loud: I Am Sustainable. And I only use water-based ink and adhesives along with monomaterials (paper and cardboard) that are fully recyclable and FSC-certified. Look out for me and my maker Wrapology on June 5th, World Environment Day! In the meantime, certain brands have already had a sneak peek at the firm’s new range, notably Coty, Estée Lauder and L’Oréal. “We wanted to go over and above our customers’ and partners’ expectations. That meant incorporating their feedback into our production processes.”Words of wisdom from Tom Bosanquet, cofounder of the London-based firm specializing in making cases and boxes for luxury goods.

The I Am Sustainable range pushes the envelope of luxury packaging with cases, boxes, calendars and ribbons made from recycled PET or biodegradable biomass plastics derived from bamboo. Not to mention its assortment of shopping bags with handles made entirely out of paper twine. “We firmly believe this is the material of the future for luxury shopping bags. Of course the solidity of the handles has been tested – and approved – and now our biggest challenge is convincing people that these grips really are made of paper. Everyone thinks they’re made out of cotton or plastic!”

Monomaterial, multiple benefits

Monomaterials are at the heart of Wrapology’s ecofriendly design. “Our first piece of advice to brands wanting to make their packaging more sustainable is to mix as few materials as possible. Making truly sustainable packaging requires an in-depth understanding of the product’s life-cycle from cradle to grave. It entails long and complex research that most end customers have little time to do. As responsible manufacturers, we feel obliged to take on this task and not simply parrot the latest fashionable claim to our customers. Throwing around terms such as ‘vegan leather’ or ‘recycled paper’ isn’t good enough.”

To meet its own high standards, Wrapology established a ‘green MO’ based on six guiding criteria. “We laid down six core principles that serve as key sustainable performance indicators and cover our entire supply chain. We hope consumers will use them to determine whether this or that product really is sustainable or whether it’s just greenwashing.”