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MR Cartonnage Numérique, the face of sustainable printing

MR Cartonnage Numérique, the face of sustainable printing

The 05/04/2019

Bearing the Imprim’Vert ‘green printing’ seal of approval since 2015, MR is green down to its fingertips. Digital technology is at the heart of its sustainable strategy.

Jonathan Mihy, head of MR Cartonnage Numérique, likes to get right to the point: “Sustainability is built into digital printing. Digital printing means no more plates, no more wasting of ink and paper during colour prepress, and no more surplus inventory since now we can calibrate our print runs almost down to the last unit.” This has changed the way customers place orders: “Our customers no longer have to order a one-shot print run but can now split their order into several runs and make adjustments as they go depending on changes to their marketing strategy or regulations.”

“We know from experience that big orders can generate wastage of 4-15%. Splitting an order into several runs ensures that customers effectively get exactly what they pay for.” How’s that for bespoke ‘lean & green’ manufacturing!

The FSC effect

“Since 2015 we’ve been certified Imprim’Vert, which means that all of our production waste is recycled. In the same spirit we’ve used FSC-certified paper from the outset. We just moved to new premises at Saint-Ouen l’Aumône and so are having the facilities audited by the FSC.”

“Nowadays you can’t do without FSC certification. Others are more optional and depend on the customer.  Living up to a green standard isn’t always straightforward; a customer might want a special decorative feature such as gilding, making it difficult to fully recycle everything we use. From that perspective, established brands are less eager to ‘go green’ than the new kids on the block.” One such ‘greenthusiast’ is All Tigers, a new vegan colour cosmetics firm that left no doubt as to its sustainability specifications:

They were very clear about the need to limit the environmental impact of their packaging by using acrylic adhesives, not using coatings, and printing on 300g zero-impact Invercote.

Jonathan MIHY CEO