June 1st and 2nd, 2021 The capital event for luxury packaging

Focus on ICICLE

A LA UNE / Best Practices - The 25/03/2019

Founded in 1997, Icicle was one of the 1st Chinese fashion brand to pay attention to sustainability. Simone BIANCONCINI, Art Director of ICICLE answers to our questions.

  • The carbon footprint of packaging weighs heavily in the environmental bill of a product. How does your group reduce it? What are your actions and achievements?

They use mainly natural fabrics. And they try to experiment with vegetable dying in its product development process.

The company is investing in sustainability on a day-to-day basis. It tries to communicate digitally and to use as less print materials as possible to reduce the impact of print materials.

The company also owns three factories. They are trying to demonstrate that philosophy in their campaign with the slogan:”Made in Earth”, to show how their link to nature is tight.

  • Is the consumer of luxury goods ready to evolve?

For Icicle, the consumer considers sustainability as the secondary criteria for purchase, the 1st one being the style and comfort of the clothes.