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Icma reinvents post consumer waste paper

Icma reinvents post consumer waste paper

The 21/03/2019

Prêt-à-Porter collection and Tailor Made offer: established near Lac de Côme, the Lombardy-based company is further developing new variations on recycled paper. In a mixed version as well as in 100% PCW.

Standard or tailor-made, at Icma post-consumer waste paper no longer needs to feel second best compared with pure cellulose paper. And for a good reason: mother-of-pearl, metallic or polychrome dusted effects, matte, semi-matte, smooth or textured, with iridescent or glitter finishes or even fragranced, it is now possible to create all the Icma collections embellishment options on post-consumer waste papers made using 100% post-consumer recycled FSC waste.

Élena Maria Carla Torri, CEO

This is a way for the company to demonstrate that it is high time “to put an end to the stereotypes and outdated image that is still applied too often to recycled paper”, as Élena Maria Carla Torri, CEO of Icma Sartorial Paper, points out. “Today we are able to create and ennoble recycled paper with the same aesthetic results that can be obtained on pure cellulose papers for a finished product that is just as luxurious”. The Lombardy-based company’s secret: water-based patinas that mask the imperfections in recycled paper to create colour that is perfectly uniform and stable.

Because every “detail” counts…

“Using water-based patinas is a strategic choice that has allowed us to eliminate solvents from our treatment processes. These patinas have been developed to reduce chlorine content to an absolute minimum with the objective of being able to offer our customers ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) papers. They are aluminium-free to avoid any recycling problems at end of life. And our papers – which are therefore 100% recyclable – don’t contain any heavy metals or phthalates”.

And adding: “After purifying by distillation, we systematically re-use all of the water used in our processes to reduce the quantity of drinking water consumed, we recycle our production scrap in the same way that we recycle residue from the precious mineral materials we use and we work exclusively with natural minerals obtained from sources other than quarries that are opened specifically for this purpose”. These are all technical options that combine to form a policy that is sustainable overall: at Icma – a company that is FSC, REACH and UNI EN ISO 9001 2015 certified – almost half of the company’s energy needs are covered by a photovoltaic system.