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Eska: heading in a greener direction!

Eska: heading in a greener direction!

The 21/03/2019

The solid manufacturer will present their leading innovation of the year at EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack, the Eska Jeans. But beforehand, a flash-back to the new solid coloured cardboard launched by the Dutch company at Luxe Pack Monaco.

Sophie GREFF Marketing Manager

We started to experiment with using recovered paper as a raw material as early as 1934”, states Sophie Greff, marketing manager. “And since 1970 we have been using only 100% recovered paper to make our board”. Board that is now available in a solid coloured version. Objective: to offer the perfect finish every time. And which will remain perfect. “The colour stays uniform, without any visible grey layer, even when it is folded or scratched”. An option that is particularly appealing in terms of box:When you have a solid coloured board packing material it provides a result that is just as attractive as thermoformed packing material, with all the ecological benefits of using solid board  as a bonus”.

Eska Black, Eska White (100% recovered), Red, Orange or Pink: these triple layer boards (a layer of board between two layers of paper) were a real hit with the brand owners. Who are now requesting customized colours: “It’s perfectly achievable”, states Sophie Greff.


A global initiative

 Over the years Eska has continually invested in infrastructure that allows them to reduce its energy consumption: “In our sector, we can now claim to have one of the lowest carbon footprints in terms of primary energy use. In addition to the fact that we use the cleanest fossil fuel there is (natural gas), we also produce some of our energy from our own end product waste itself. We process our waste paper internally in order to collect the resulting gas to produce steam, which is used in our production process”. In other terms: waste kilos at Eska are converted into energy. Which has made it possible for the company to reduce its natural gas consumption by more than 20%.

Collateral advantage: production waste no longer needs to be transported for external processing at end of life: “This equates to approximately 800 lorry loads saved per year, or 95,000 litres of diesel”. By 2020 Eska aims to reduce its waste by 75%, its gas consumption by 30% and its carbon bill by 10%.