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Cofatech: objective zero aluminium

Cofatech: objective zero aluminium

The 21/03/2019

The Loudun based company specialising in single-dose cosmetics is launching MetaLight in partnership with ACS and Amcor: an aluminium-free complex that ensures the barrier properties of sachets remain intact.

As we all know, it is impossible to separate the layers that form the complexes used to create cosmetic sachets, which has therefore prevented them from being recycled until now. And for good reason, as in cosmetics – and fragrances and hygiene products – aluminium is used as a barrier material to protect the formulas inside. Cofatech has solved this problem with MetaLight. Quite purely and simply by removing a single layer: “We are progressing from using triple layer complexes (a layer of aluminium between two layers of PET/PE) to double layer complexes: a layer of PET Alox and a layer of metalized PE 120”, explains Dorothée Martin, sales director. “The removal of this aluminium film makes it possible to save 0.70kg of CO2 per m2  without impacting the barrier functions of our sachets”.

An innovation which has required several years of development in collaboration with the printing company ACS: “MetaLight is already used by different brands but we are continuing to make improvements to it, particularly in terms of moulding the soldered joins. We are also working with Amcor on a solution of a similar kind, but which is produced using a different recipe based on Met/OPP”.

From single-dose sachets to XXL bags

In comparison with standard-sized cosmetic sachets, the MetPresse sachet, for example, (which was developed in collaboration with Amcor and is available for retail products as well as for single-doses) offers a 23% reduction in terms of carbon footprint, a 12% reduction in non-renewable primary energy consumption and a 60% reduction in water. “As a result of the process used to metalize our OPP film, which is then sandwiched between two layers of PET, the aluminium content is reduced by 98%”.

Additionally for retail solutions, note the US launch of a new stand-up pouch (the Recycling-Ready Stand-Up Pouch) made from PE/PE incorporating 24% PCR (from post-consumer recycled plastic milk bottles) and the release of Fibre Form (Fibre Form paper/PE), developed in collaboration with Amcor, Billerudkorsnäs, H+M and Volpak. “As a result of paper fibre content of more than 50%, Fibre Form is able to be recycled in France, as well as in Spain, Germany, Sweden and Finland”, concludes Dominique Lourel, Cofatech Director. In this instance the paper is FSC and PEFC certified. “And what’s more, cold embossing processes mean that we reduce our energy consumption”.