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Bormioli Luigi cuts the weight of glass in half

INSIGHT / EXHIBITORS - The 25/02/2019

With its ecoLine concept, the Italian glassmaker snatched the Pack In Green Luxury Prize two years ago. Now, the concept is available as standard. And for custom orders.

In terms of sustainable development, Bormioli Luigi already had a sizeable advantage: the intrinsic green qualities of the very material its business uses. With its ecoLine range, the glassmaker went further. Glass is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled infinite times? “With ecoLine, we have reduced the weight of the containers by 50% (and their volume by 40%) which means a total reduction of carbon emissions by 80%”, explains Frédéric Montali, Marketing Director. “In early 2019 we added our first two eco-bottles to our ecoJars range: the ecoCube (square) and the ecoTube (cylindrical)”.

Frederico MONTALI Spirits Division Manager

Two base shapes which, like the ecoJars, are compatible with any type of finish or decoration. They have been much-discussed since their launch: “Here, 50ml = 50g. For a standard bottle, the ratio is more like 100 to 120g for a 50ml container (and 200g for 100ml in contrast with 95g for the ecoLine bottles)”. And that’s not all… “Thanks to their light weight and new slim size, the eco-bottles are convenient for travel: they hold the same amount, but are much easier to carry with you, in your bag. With our partner Coverpla, we offer standard screw-off pump systems to optimise recyclability and accept refills. Our goal now is for the client to take on the concept to develop their own glass shapes using our technology”.

Goal: Zero Impact

In the premium and ultra-premium market sectors, the weight of the glass remains a marker of quality. Because the mass-market sector was already using ultra-light glass, brands obviously worried about consumer confusion. But the idea will definitely find its way. Sustainability isn’t just a fad: it’s a tidal wave, now an absolute precondition at the core of the packaging industry’s process. To stand out and increase the perceived value, the quality of the glass and its shaping will be necessary to make the difference: we can definitely imagine a very high-end liquor in an ultralight bottle, with a very simple shape, as long as the product design is perfect”.

And at Bormioli Luigi, the furnaces are ready. Furnaces which furthermore can be run on 100% renewable energy and use 100% recycled glass.