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Oriol & Fontanel: ribbons at the cutting-edge of eco-design

Oriol & Fontanel: ribbons at the cutting-edge of eco-design

The 07/02/2019

Traceability, recyclability, organic sourcing… On the decorative fabric sector, key words have changed and price is no longer the one deciding argument…

Recyclability and organic sourcing are now the primary parameters that govern my customers’ decisions,” he explains. “Ribbon is very clearly a key driver in this sector.” Even better: “Previously, we talked about price and Asia… Today, the new key words are traceability, durability and respect for the environment. It’s a small revolution…” explains Laurent Gerry, company director.

We have been very active on the ecological ribbon sector for 10 years already and we’ve been regularly launching 100% recyclable eco-designed models for the least four years (cotton-feel serge ribbon made from recycled polyester fibres, cotton-feel Tencel ribbon made from wood cellulose, Modal satin-finish ribbon also made from a mixture of paper pulp and viscose, etc.).”

 Tissue paper (and vice versa)

 To optimise traceability, the company has invested in new equipment for 100% integration, from weaving to finishing including dying and printing: “The only parameter we do not completely manage is thread supplies. But certifications are taking over. For Burberry and Occitane for example, we work with organic cottons made from certified fibres grown without pesticides combined with Tencel® fibres.”

 “100% green and 100% recyclable, manufacturing Tencel® only uses 3% of the water used to obtain the same volume of cotton – so that’s 33 times less water! All this whilst offering a cotton look and feel that you wouldn’t believe. “

Laurent Gery Chef d’entreprise Oriol & Fontanel