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INOHERB COSMETICS : The Chinese herbal brand

A LA UNE / Best Practices - The 07/02/2019

  • What does the environment/ecology mean for your brand?

    In INOHERB, we advocate and practice the values of harmonious coexistence and common prosperity between people & nature, people & society, people & people and people & themselves. What’s why our company always put efforts on preserving the ecological environment: get silkworm cocoon in an ecological way instead of boiling it for the respect of life; for the environment, we plant more than 60 thousand rhodiola rosea in the ShanNan area of Tibet for protecting the precious Chinese herbs.
    Inoherb always believes that human and nature share with one life community. In the future, we will try to protect the environment in other different ways.
  • The carbon footprint of packaging weighs heavily in the environmental bill of a product. How does your group reduce it? What are your actions and achievements? 

    To reduce the carbon footprint of product packaging, we have taken actions as following:Apply with 3 layer carton box instead of 5 layer carton box;
    Reduce lower lining board;
    Cancel the evoh layer for plastic tube;
    Apply with ColorMasterBatch for injection in spraying process;
    Apply with waterborne spraying.

  • Is the consumer of luxury goods ready to evolve? 

    We think consumer’s awareness of sustainability is increasing but still need to be guided in cosmetic market. Most consumers haven’t selected the products by considering whether the brand has applied with sustainable packaging or not, or whether the raw materials has no pollution, etc.

Lingzhi TANG Senior Brand Manager INOHERB COSMETICS