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Gmund Paper’s exciting “recipes”…

Gmund Paper’s exciting “recipes”…

The 07/02/2019

A new variation on eco-designed paper, the Gmund Bio Cycle collection joins the well-stocked eco-friendly ranges of the Bavarian papermaker.

We are already familiar with the Gmund No Color No Bleach from Gmund Paper. It is made with FSC-certified long fibres and 100% virgin pulp (no bleach and no dye). We also know Gmund Heidi. A paper made from post-consumer materials with a rough, hand-crafted look…no two sheets are identical.

This year, we have Gmund Bio Cycle. A collection that in terms of originality is every bit as good as the other Gmund eco-classic: Bier Paper. Here, no hops or malt or yeast, but cut grass (from the meadows of Upper Bavaria), untreated wheat straw, cotton (recycled from clothing industry waste) and – a little unexpected – cannabis, grown in Europe. Why cannabis? “It lends an extremely distinctive character to this range,” explains a spokesperson from Gmund. “The colours are softened and the subtle hemp inclusions lend an authenticity to the paper that is both visual and tactile.

50% alternative components

The dry grass helps create the long fibre structure essential for heavy stock paper. The wheat straw provides a genuine straw feel. And the cotton brings purity, durability and elegance whilst guaranteeing excellent results for embossing and printing. “Bio Cycle papers contain up to 50% alternative ingredients from fast growing fibres, to which we add FSC-certified cellulose. It’s a collection of perfect, timeless beauty for brands that want to illustrate their sustainability initiative.

Of course, whether it’s for packaging or printed documents, Bio Cycle (available in five references and four weights from 100 to 600g/m²) adapts to any type of printing or decoration. Just like all of Gmund’s ecological ranges.