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Duran Dogan: a new, improved take on metal

Duran Dogan: a new, improved take on metal

The 22/01/2019

With Gloss & Green®, the cardboard packaging leader in Turkey is making its metal packs green. Freed from their plastic film, packs and sheaths become more recyclable without losing any of their metallic dazzle.

Winning the Audience Prize for Innovation during a show in 2016, Gloss & Green®’s technology will help save some 300 tons of plastic a year thanks to a brand new metallisation process that Turkish company Duran Dogan (member of the LGR Packaging group) has been working on for nearly ten years. A huge development project and an even greater challenge:

We work with around forty whisky brands (Diageo, Pernod Ricard…),” explains Osvaldo Valente Pires, Spirits & Luxury Manager, “and these customers are very attached to the metallic decoration on their cases and containers. But traditional metallisation techniques require polyester film. The film is aluminised by spray and then complexed on the cardboard. The problem is that because of the plastic film, it is impossible to recycle the containers at the end of their life cycle.”

Green metallisation

Duran Dogan’s solution: create a peelable polyester film that can be removed once the cardboard has been aluminised.With Gloss & Green® our containers can be recycled like any other traditional cardboard packaging. It’s the ideal solution for brands that are looking to add environmental value to their packaging.” And this PET-free metallisation retains all the desired metallic shine:The result – metallic or holographic – is still impeccable and resists abrasion. It looks exactly the same as the results obtained with traditional techniques.”

The only difference is the cost: 3% more than standard PET. A contribution to ecology that seems more than reasonable when it concerns a brand’s eco-reputation. And yet, the number of brands – particularly French brands – that have chosen this process is less than you would think. “Gloss & Green® was enthusiastically lauded at its launch but the adoption phase is a long one. More than price, it would seem that the fear of change and damage to their product image is making certain brands hesitate.” This is not the case for Anglo-Saxon brands…

From Johnnie Walker to Glenlivet and Old Parr, Gloss & Green® has already won over several major names in the whisky world…

Osvaldo VALENTE PIRES Key Account Manager – Duran Dogan