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Druydès: targeting zero waste

Druydès: targeting zero waste

The 22/01/2019

In this all-natural zeitgeist, solid cosmetics are increasingly winning the hearts of consumers. We meet Gwendoline Bressand, co-founder of the Druydès brand launched in 2017 that creates 100% natural and zero waste products.

What does the environment mean to your brand?

It is a self-evident fact, a necessity. At Druydès, we chose to develop a range of natural, solid cosmetics, allergen-free but most importantly with zero waste because ecology is at the very heart of our approach. It’s the starting point for creating our formulas.

What about your product packaging?

Once our first products were made, we also tried to reduce the impact of our packaging. A brand’s DNA is not just its product. It should be seen in its entirety. We fell in love with seed paper.


What was your approach?

We had to check that cosmetics standards were compatible with seed paper. We checked that there were no allergens in the paper or the seeds. We found a 100% natural and allergen-free glue and we also checked the composition of the plant ink to ensure no contamination. Every ingredient that comes into contact with our solid shampoo is scrutinised and analysed to meet our demands and those of our buyers.

And the end result?

The packaging is made from cellulose pulp and seeds. It is possible – recommended even – to throw the packaging away. The result is surprising: a flower will grow. It grows like any kind of flower. After poppies, wild flowers and herbs, the European looking glass is being used at the moment.