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Century Box or how to take luxury back to square one…

Century Box or how to take luxury back to square one…

The 22/01/2019

The expert in flat-pack boxes will present a 100% cardboard divider for the (very) high-end Luxembourg chocolate maker, Genaveh. A design that meets both business and environmental imperatives.

With their bags (paper, plastic, fabric, etc.), sachets and packs, sheaths and accessories (dividers, ribbons, tissue paper, etc.), the Belgian gift box specialist has become a master in the art of flat-pack luxury packaging. For its bell and triangle boxes, magnetic and velcro fastenings, over the last ten years the company’s results have been enlightening: “Flat-pack delivery of all our products means we can drastically reduce our carbon footprint as transport costs are between 4 and 8 times less, depending on the shape of the box,” explains Brice Rebillard, co-founder of Century Box.

An ecological variable brands are increasingly sensitive to, whatever the application may be: “Eco-design today is a real challenge for brands. Only two years ago, it was rare for customers to choose cardboard or recycled paper boxes or bags. Today, most brands ask for them.” In parallel, new demands are emerging: “Requests for organic handles on bags, for example, or thermoformed dividers made from plant pulp in boxes, which is brand new.”

Added freedom

Another new trend emerging is the 100% cardboard dividers developed for prestigious chocolate maker Genaveh (Luxembourg): “We focus a lot on sustainability consulting,” Brice Rebillard continues, “and our customers understand that even if eco-designed packaging is 5 to 15% more expensive than standard packaging, it represents an undeniable investment. For Genaveh, the advantage of a 100% cardboard divider instead of the regular thermoformed plastic dividers is two-fold: the ecological aspect is supported by financial advantage because even if the price of the raw material is higher, the customer saves on the costs of the moulds and tools required by thermoforming. And those costs are quite considerable…” And the cherry on top: the cardboard option means small, flexible series can be used to create dividers with varying angles and shapes for each box.

 Note: at L’Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack, the Belgian company will also be presenting a flap box made from FSC-certified cardboard and 100% recycled paper (and 100% recyclable as it uses soy-based inks and natural felt lining). This alongside 100% biodegradable shipping boxes and paper envelopes with a double extra-resistant lining in white/Kraft, developed for Moismont (ready-to-wear clothing).

Before, only the price was important to our customers. Today, the challenges of sustainable development have taken the lead as they join a new challenge for brands: their eco-reputation