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Aptar in the circular economy

Aptar in the circular economy

The 22/01/2019

The Mezzo Eco airless system, Simplicity lids and the new XS “La Petite” pump: the global leader in dispenser systems is paving the way for the circular economy. Recycling? Did you say recycling?

Constantly regenerated materials that we should stop throwing away once we are finished with them so they can have more than one life cycle? Aptar believes in this idea. And the circular economy has been its primary concern for several years already. “It’s a strategic research direction in terms of sustainable development,” explains Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director for Skincare & Make-Up. “The integration market for recycled elements is booming and everything is moving very fast. The challenge for manufacturers today is to validate and qualify these new materials”. The endgame? The leader in dispenser systems wants to replace standard fossil resins with sustainable resins created by the recycling process.

Illustration with the new Mezzo Eco airless system and the new range of Simplicity lids: “Mezzo Eco is a complete 50ml dispenser pack designed for face creams and foundations that is fully integrated in a circular logic: firstly, as a mono-material it is 100% recyclable (including the pump); secondly, recycled elements make up 25% of its weight. Why 25%? “To retain the colour range: in terms of colours, recycled materials do have certain limitations. But this isn’t our last word on colour and this percentage may increase…”.

Post-consumer resins and refill pumps

A percentage that reaches 100% when it comes to the Simplicity lids: “This new capsule range has hinged lids made exclusively from recycled resins”. But the inclusion of recycled elements is not the only direction Aptar is taking: “For perfumery we have launched a new miniature screw pump for refills,” adds Patrick Bousquel. The challenge “La Petite” tackles is to meet the fragrance sector’s aesthetics standards:

Generally, screw pumps are pretty big and therefore unsuitable for premium perfumery. La Petite is ultra-miniaturised and therefore discreet, meaning it can be used in higher end sectors”. A double whammy for this pump that can be refilled and separated for recycling:

Refillability is an absolute must for eco-packaging. For premium categories, it takes on a new dimension as it echoes the very particular relationship luxury has with time. High quality means long-lasting and now longevity can also mean sustainability…

Patrick BOUSQUEL Marketing Director EMEA BU Skincare and Color Cosmetics – APTAR