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Absolution: sustainable and much more…

Absolution: sustainable and much more…

The 22/01/2019

Organic and urban, unisex but ultra-targeted, the Parisian brand is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. What’s its secret? A distinctive approach to sustainable cosmetics.

Absolution could have merely been an organic cosmetics brand like so many others. Except that with 99% of natural ingredients and at least 50% organic active ingredients, Absolution immediately celebrated its uniqueness. And that’s not all… “For me, the organic approach was an essential and self-evident prerequisite,” explains the brand’s founder, Isabelle Carron. “But that isn’t enough. To be utterly relevant, I believe that today a cosmetics brand must push the initiative further. There is no point settling for being yet another copycat brand, surfing on the organic argument. You need to bring something new to the table.

So Absolution’s approach was different, shaped by the founder’s interests in beauty, plants and holistics. A holistic approach, inspired by herbalism, focused around two strong proposals – unisex cosmetics that are completely customisable – and a central concept that comes from holistics: mix & match.

Mix & Match

Everything interacts with everything,” explains Isabelle Carron. “Our skin is an ecosystem in its own right. It is constantly changing and evolving and this depends less on gender – man or woman – than on context.”

Hence the idea of mix & match to create customised cosmetics combinations to match the skin’s every moment: “Using a combination of ultra-concentrated serums and creams, you can design the formula that will provide the elements your skin needs.”

With a cream and two boosters, Isabelle Carron maintains that it is possible to solve most cosmetic problems for any skin type. And for those concerned by the

DIY approach, she explains: “The packaging of our creams in airless pots provides the best hygiene conditions and at the same time ensures the long life of the formulas comparable to regular cosmetics, even though we use no preservatives or additives.”

A crafted look

Almost all of our primary packaging is made from recyclable plastic and we use a lot of PP packaging to meet COSMOS standards. We have also chosen 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) PET: a recycled plastic that can be recycled again.” Absolution also called upon the services of Italian supplier Pibiplast that develops bottles from recycled plastic mineral water bottles and the packaging for its lipsticks is made from regenerated SAN, made by Leoplast: “This plastic injection company is very active in bio-plastics. In particular, it develops packaging made from plastic trimmings from other productions.” Finally, all the brand’s secondary packaging is made from recycled and recyclable paper: “We work exclusively with heavy stock Fedrigoni paper made with 40% recycled fibres and 5% cotton fibres. The packs are printed with vegetable ink and assembled without any glue, using traditional origami techniques.”

Monochrome packs brightened here and there with a touch of colour and patterns that evoke plant shapes. And they are all assembled by hand. A crafted look that echoes the purity of galenic products.

It was important for me to keep a human parameter in our packaging

Isabelle Carron Founder of ABSOLUTION