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Luxe Pack Announces a ‘Special Edition’ in Paris

Beauty Packaging - 2018/10/12

The InfoPro Group will be launching the event in June 2019.

The InfoPro Group has announced the creation of a new event in Paris next June 4th and 5th at the Carreau du Temple entitled “Edition Spéciale by Luxe Pack.”

“This is a new concept, a multi-media and high-end event,” explains Nathalie Grosdidier from the InfoPro Group, in a statement. Grosdidier explains: “It offers the power of communication and the contacts of a traditional appointment but also it mobilizes players around a topical key issue chosen each year by brand owners. The theme of the 2019 edition will be unveiled once the ongoing survey with luxury brands dedicated to beauty, wine & spirits, delicatessen, fashion is completed… In the months leading up to the event, a digital platform will disseminate a strong editorial content on this theme: testimonials or questions from brand owners, manufacturers’ solutions, and insights from experts. A featured event, part of this launch in June, will gather in a stylish venue, in the heart of Paris, the most renowned experts in packaging, positioned to concretely address the subject. It will be all about confronting strategies, putting forward innovative and relevant solutions to jointly write the future of this market.”

Source : Beauty Packaging