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Paboco’s gameplan to pioneer the paper bottle

Luxe Packaging Insight - Le 18/11/2020

Paboco, the Paper Bottle Company, is out to shake up packaging norms with its first branded paper bottle slated for launch in 2021. Currently in a start-up, scale-up phase, the Danish company’s “pioneer community” is a joint venture between BillerudKorsnäs and ALPLA, while industry giants L’Oréal, Coca Cola, Carlsberg and the Absolut Company are partners. Chief Commercial Officer Gittan Schiöld and Business Development Manager Michael Michaelsen discuss how Paboco aims to reach its goal of offering a 100% recyclable and bio-based bottle to the market.

  • How did Paboco get started?

MM: The company debuted with EcoXpac, a Danish R&D player, in which Nordic paperboard supplier BillerudKorsnäs invested in a minority share in 2015, bringing R&D support and resources around pulp and barrier development. At that point, ecoXpac was focused on technical and process development and BillerudKorsnäs on the paper component of the project. When it came time to move from prototyping to scale, we rebranded as Paboco, the Paper Bottle Company and sought out experts in the field of building machinery and manufacturing bottles, which is when ALPLA came into the picture. Today Paboco is a joint venture between BillerudKorsnäs and ALPLA, while the Danish founding family retains a minority share.

  • What role does your “pioneer community” play in development?

GS: With the community as a whole, including the “parents” (BillerudKorsnäs and ALPLA), we are looking to establish a new packaging system from scratch. It’s a big industry project that aims to represent the entire value chain: raw materials (BillerudKorsnäs), machine building and manufacturing (ALPLA), Paboco and the initial inventors at ecoXpac, and of course the market representatives (Carlsberg, Coca Cola, L’Oréal, the Absolut Company), because if  the market hadn’t shared the risks or invested early on, the industry would never innovate at all.

MM: Our pioneer community represents quite a new way of working. These market representatives are valuable to us in light of their massive market insight; they know what consumers are looking for and what is needed to make a sustainable and lasting change on the market… [Read more]

Source: Luxe Packaging Insight