1 et 2 Juin 2021 La rencontre capitale des acteurs du packaging de luxe

Special Guest : Annette LENDAL, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Le 24/05/2019

Annette is a Senior Research Analyst for the New Plastics Economy, an ambitious initiative bringing together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastic packaging. She is focused on understanding and promoting innovation opportunities in the circular economy; particularly the transition from single-use to reuse packaging models. Before joining the Foundation, Annette worked as a strategy and policy consultant at Ramboll Management Consulting, in the European Commission and for international NGO Plastic Change. Most recently, she joined the Expedition Plastic sailing in French Polynesia to document the scale and consequences of plastic pollution. Annette has a masters degree in Political Science from Copenhagen University and Sciences Po Paris.

Through the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, businesses, responsible for putting more than 20% of all plastic packaging on the market, have committed to work towards a circular economy for plastics, including moving from single-use to reuse models where possible. Yet, most efforts so far evolve around recycling, which alone will not solve the plastic pollution problem. We need solutions such as reuse models that help reduce volumes of waste. In this presentation Annette will elaborate on:
– The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Initiative and core principles for a circular plastics economy
– Why we need to move beyond recycling efforts and turn to reuse models, where relevant
– Different models for reuse, their benefits, challenges, and examples that work in practice
– Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s targeted effort on reuse and what is needed to demonstrate that this can work in practice and at scale