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3 QUESTIONS to… Ron Palmer, founder and CEO of Infinity Global

3 QUESTIONS to… Ron Palmer, founder and CEO of Infinity Global

Le 21/05/2019

Why is your name “Infinity Global”?

First, because we are not only a packaging company, we provide global logistics services, managing the total supply chain from design to delivery, including production, inventory management, warehousing and transportation dictated by our clients’ requirements. Second, we are not only American: we are a real international company with offices in 3 main geographic zones (North America, Europe and Asia) and multiple integrated warehouses and distribution centers allowing global delivery to over 3646 locations, in countries all over the world.

How do you handle the human dimension in your industrial process?

Care for social responsibility is always a major subject for us, inside our company and with our clients and suppliers. Respect of the environment is part of our company’s core values. More than ever, we care to supply our customers with the most environmentally conscious proposals regarding components, materials, constructions, manufacturing processes and transportation options.

Infinity Global believes that the ultimate solutions come from a global view.  A global view of product (design to end-use), supply chain (most efficient delivery mechanism) and data management (the numbers show the best way) provides opportunities to have the greatest overall impact.

What led to your partnership with EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack?

Luxe Pack and Infinity Global share a common vision of sustainability and its role in luxury packaging. This year, as Infinity Global celebrates its 15th Anniversary, we feel honored to participate in EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack and to offer the Green Award to the year’s best ecofriendly packaging, as selected by the visitors to the show.

The “Green Award” will be a terrarium in a glass sphere, self-sufficient in water, oxygen and carbon, a reduced symbol of our “Good Planet”, a symbol of what we try to accomplish every day.