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SHISEIDO China inspires a life of beauty and culture

A LA UNE / Best Practices - Le 24/02/2019

  • What does the environment/ecology mean for your brand?

Our mission is to inspire a life of beauty and culture. This is the basis for our goal of achieving a sustainable society that makes people happy through beauty.
Looking ahead to the next 100 years and beyond, the Shiseido Group intends to grow with society as a global beauty company.
It is critical to Shiseido’s sustainable growth to take proactive initiatives that resolve social and environmental issues, and realize a healthy society over the long term.

  • The carbon footprint of packaging weighs heavily in the environmental bill of a product. How does your group reduce it? What are your actions and achievements?

To continuously use the limited blessings of the Earth, we need to shift from the conventional style of economic activities based on one-way flow of things being “procured, manufactured, used and thrown out” to recycling-based activities promoting the recycle or reuse of resources.

Initiatives for Reuse
Shiseido sells over 700 items of refillable products, the containers of which can be re-used. We provide refillable items in various categories from personal care products such as shampoo and conditioner to beauty products including essence, cream, lotion, emulsion and foundation to conserve resources used to produce containers.

Initiatives for Recycle
Since September 2015, Shiseido has been using PET resin, obtained through mechanical recycling of PET bottles, for the containers of Sea Breeze Body Shampoo. Using recycled PET resin, approximately 22 tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced every year compared to using petroleum-derived PET resin.

Use of Sustainable Paper
Since 2012, for the new/updated products for which paper is used in the cosmetics business, we have promoted the switch to environmentally-considerate paper, such as recycled/non-wood paper and third-party certified (FSC-certified) paper.

  • Is the consumer of luxury goods ready to evolve?

It is no doubt that the level of consumer’s awareness of sustainability has increased. In order to satisfy consumers seeking total « authenticity, » Shiseido Group’s luxury brand, Clé de Peau Beauté, aims to be « luxurious » in all aspects, naturally in terms of product quality as well. We Introduced a refill product for LA CRÈME (cream) in the luxury brand.